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Malcolm Anthony - CoCo (Freestyle) Length: 4:05 Play From album: Malcolm Anthony - CoCo (Freestyle)

CoCo (Freestyle)


Malcolm Anthony — CoCo (Freestyle)

Релиз: 20 января 2015
Лейбл: New Trinity Music Group


We can Blow it down like the big bag wolf
middle finger to the pigs
they can smell my kush
i aint got a soul how the fuck I’m suppose to sell it
i aint never been a bitch so i aint never been jealous
I’m hot dog
y’all better ketchup
So when I cross words
I’m the lyrical hot sauce
thats a bucket And 1
y’all niggas betta watch dog
Oh you think it’s a game?
ubisoft and I’m bringing the pain
I’m guaranteed 2 plus whenever I’m in the paint
and i hate niggas who tell me i can’t
cuz i can and i will take ya girl
go and chill smoke a couple doobs to the face
went through the whole case smash the pussy on tour
thats road kill
I aint playing around
how you doing everybody? whats up? my names mal
i just arrived and ill be staying around for awhile
and heres how i get down.
i was in the trap like cheese and the mouse
in my grandma basement flees in the couch
now I’m on plane flying 3000 miles
city after city
where the time go now
put the purple in my cup make the time slow down
wow o wow
this life that I’m living only gets better now
imagine when i get the crown
the only nigga from a town
where niggas never make it out
jordan died and i was out
i never really had a doubt
in my mind i was fine i can feel it like the blind when i rhyme
i can shine give it time
just a diamond rough
girls think I’m pretty and I’m tough
I’m young having fun
don’t think i’ll ever have enough
I’m just a young black consumerist
addicted to the come up
don’t act like you new to this
and if you niggas fronting you niggas is ludacris
here you should really have some chicken and beer cheers
to never being broke i know thats really your fear
share? why y’all aint fuck with me before i got here
use to never give me play and now so full of cheers
but i still hit it cuz the pussy was there.
and vision is clear
man i feel like and air
to thrown
or a million
bitch im briliiant
switch flow every bar like chameleon
fly into the heat from a city that its chilly in
tryna get a motherfuckin island like gilligan

work all week just to work on the weekends
if you aint talking money Nigga don’t speak then.


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