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Miley Cyrus - Drive (K Theory Remix) Length: 4:05 Play From album: Miley Cyrus - Drive (K Theory Remix)

Drive (K Theory Remix)


Miley Cyrus — Drive (K Theory Remix)

Релиз: 21 апреля 2014


Hook: Miley Cyrus

Drive my heart into the night
You can drop the keys off in the morning
(In the morning)
Cause I don’t want to leave home, without your love
Without it

You told me that you wanted this
I told you it was all yours
If you’re done with it
Then what you say forever for?
If forevers out the door,
I’ll ignore when you call

Verse 1: Malcolm Anthony (K Theory)

Both young, wild, & free
And probably shouldn’t be driven
I drank too much tonic
Now Im wildin’
Look miley, I really only wanna see you smiling
So quit with all that crying,
Come with daddy make this money multiplying
When I told you all that shit i wasn’t lying
I’m trying, look me in the eyes you can’t deny it
Til death do us part, promised forever
and been here from the start,
So hop that pretty ass back in this car, you drive.

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