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K Theory — Power

Релиз состоялся 23 ноября 2013 года при поддержке ThisSongIsSick.com. Прибыль с этого трека была направлена на медицинские расходы третьего участника коллектива Дилана Льюмана, который был в больнице в течение двух недель с серьезной инфекцией легких.


I want the money
Need the money
Crave success
I need it now
Ain’t interested in fame
I just really want the power
So here i am
It’s just me, doing me like I’m supposed to
And failing something that I won’t do

Now here I am
Here I am
Doing me like I’m supposed to
like I’m supposed to
Doing me like I’m supposed to.

I can never fail
You can probably tell
success is in my destiny and I’m gunna prevail
Even through my trial and tribulations
plus these grimy niggas hat in’
I’ve been waiting patient
sort of like the tortoise and the snail
You know who win that
Don’t matter where you been at
It matters how you end that
Im tryna take the game and make it mine
Give it life
shit, give it mine
tell the judge to give me life if this music shits a crime
my momma told me be patient boy
just give it time
it takes a diamond 20 million years till’ it can shine
find ya craft son master it
put your heart into it
worry bout’ the rest after it.

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