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RL Grime & K Theory - Scylla 2.0 Length: 4:05 Play From album: RL Grime & K Theory - Scylla 2.0

Scylla 2.0


RL Grime & K Theory — Scylla 2.0

#TrinityTuesdays 003
Релиз: 19 января 2015
Лейбл: New Trinity Music Group


Verse: Malcolm Anthony

I been gone for a minute
now I’m back bitch
on my rap shit
on my i don’t give a fuck about that shit
all the haters in the world
give my ass a kiss thats blasphemous
Im G O D hold it down like P O P
i can save the world like keanu reeves
As i creep on the beat like TLC
Don’t Blow my high girl blow my d
Everybody wanna chill man that shit aint free
y’all fucking with the bomb this tnt
i caught the roadrunner and I put em on a leash
this beat by Rl Grime give you the goosebumps like RL Stein
its a VOID in the game I think we’ll be fine this is perfect timing

On my grind like clockwork
Until my life clock stops gotta hit the top first
Ima be a legend but I bet I probably die first
Worst On my worst behavior
Swear I was sent here to be the earths savior
All I feel is love could give a damn about a hater
You’ll be a fan now or later
You’ll be a fan now or later


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